Properties- CSS Text-align

Properties CSS Text-align:
Using the Properties screen text to the left, right, in the middle of the Align, or as printed pages can be justified. The values used for –


CSS text-justify Property:
Elaine used to determine the text justification method is used to. Align text to justify the two-set width – will be the same. As the text of the newspaper or a book can be seen.


css text: horizontal property

CSS Text: vertical-align
1. Vertical-align in the vertical alignment of an inline element of the block-level element can control.
II. This property only applies to inline elements and table. For example – elements <img />, <em>, </em>, <strong><strong>, <a> etc.
3. Vertical Alien’s value%, pixel (px), or can be expressed by em.</a></strong></strong>

Sample Coding format:

Example -1: vertical-align CSS property.

Example II: vertical-align CSS property.

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