HTML document image format  (lossy compression).

 Image format for web page The image makes your web page more informative, detailed and engaging, so an important part of the modern web page is the image and it is widely used everywhere. You can use images for logos, diagrams, charts, etc. Bitmaps (. bmp) format : The popularity of Bitmaps (. bmp) created Read More

How to use Frame Tags in HTML documents?

HTML window is split Frameset tags HTML document window by using the horizontal, vertical, and horizontal and vertical percent of both fixed rate (equal or unequal) can be divided into more than one. You can add any other HTML document window split. The document is displayed in the browser window to the default 100%. You Read More

How to create HTML table layout?

HTML table layout: Designing a website is very important because it’s the table text, images and anything that can attach to your website. The table is used to design the layout of a Web site. By using a simple HTML table, you can edit the template. You can also set the table visible or invisible, Read More

How to make an image map with html?

HTML image mapping An image map is a clickable image. An image with a lot of Clickable area is called an image map. Attributes have a name and a value and they have an equal (=) sign. Value is also enclosed by double quotes. It is associated with an image’s usemap attribute and creates a Read More