HTML audio

HTML audio Audio element is used to play audio files in the browser by full control of the user’s. Before third-party browser plug-ins such as Flash Player or QuickTime were used for this. Currently, audio element has additional child element named source. It is used to find out the proper media file which you want Read More

HTML form button.

What is button? A button is used for sending from client stage filled all forms to the server. There are three types of buttons. The type attribute is used to switch from one to another type button. You can change the value of the different mode of buttons can change. Example: Value Description Submit The Read More

HTML table

Use of  table is very important to make web page attractive.  Any number or data can be presented through the table easily. With the help of the HTML table model, we can equip data in tabular structure. Because of the horizontal rows and vertical columns are used. Table structure: A table is divided into several Read More

What is Form fieldset and legend ?

Form fieldset Fieldset is used to split various input field the visual group. If the ‘Group is split, It would look like a rectangular box on the form. As a result fill in the form is to facilitate. Syntax: <fieldset>…………</fieldset> Use of fieldset and legend element: Using the legend element with field set element label Read More