How to use HTML5 Audio tag and customized Audio Player

HTML5 Audio HTML5 Audio element is used to play audio files in the browser by full control of the user’s. Before third-party browser plug-ins such as Flash Player or QuickTime were used for this. Currently, audio element has additional child element named source. It is used to find out the proper media file which you Read More

Explain 5 important tag- new features of html5

HTML5 Editable text attributes : Contenteditable Adds Contentedable Attribute to P tag, any part of the text content can be editable in the browser. For those with the attribute, as a value true is to be used; Again, false values can be used, then that part cannot be edited. This attribute has been added to the new one in html5. Syntax:   <p contenteditable>……………………………………..</p> To Read More

8 new HTML5 tags you need to know.

HTML5 elements HTML 5 elements allow you to create the structure of HTML web pages. Here are the details of some HTML 5 tags. <details> element: Using this element, detailed information can be seen by creating an information section in an HTML 5 document. By default, detailed information is hidden. This means that the show and hide function Read More

Introduction to HTML5 – Short concept of basic html5.

Basic HTML 5: HTML 5 is the fifth most powerful version of HTML. The HTML 5 language for Android mobile applications can be a bit difficult, but it’s easy for web browsers. Because of the improvements of the HTML 5 language, Many of JavaScript’s complex tasks can be easily done, thereby reducing the intensity of Read More