Word Break Opportunity : Element

  This new component is added to html5. Word Break Opportunity () is used by the browser, anywhere using any hyphenation to determine how the line is broken. That is where the sound is assigned to a line break will be added to the tag. Basically the browser’s web page can be freely œ line Read More

tag element- hgroup

<hgroup> tag This tag is added to the new html5. Generally from<h1>  to<h2> tag is used for wrapping element. Multi-header and sub-header in the header of this group to create a useful component. The syntax is used for this <hgroup> h1 to h6 tag will go here</ hgroup>. However, this component should not be used Read More

HTML5 video

|Any plug-ins, such as: adobe flash video on a web page without having to insert the <video> element is used. Most of the video can be played on the webpage. For video files, and html coding file in the same folder, or to save. webM (.webm): This is an open video format created by Google. Read More

svg element of html5

HTML 5 is a new feature svg (scale-able vector graphics ) material which can be drawn more graphical representation. There are also certain additional features, which are illustrated below. svg element: svg graphics of the vector scale-able nutshell and graphical applications of the X-ML and the two used to describe a type of block D Read More