css box model

Because of the important concepts discussed in the CSS visual formatting of CSS box model of the system’s most important issues to be presented to important contacts.
The easiest way to understand the box model is the idea that, between browser pages each element (both block and inline) are tied in one box. Properties of you, for example – border, margin, padding, and background, etc. can be applied to the boxes and boxes of pages move from one place to another can take place.
When you HTML elements

paragraph made using the tag an image when using the web browser of the box, these factors are considered. The contents of the box are surrounded by properties that are different models of the box, the box model Here we see the fundamental property values. A general diagram of the CSS box model to derive the values of the properties. For example –
Box diagram of the components of the model –
Margin: the transparent area on all four sides of the elements.
Border: Every corner of padding or a distinct edge, line, or line drawing.
padding: It is the space between elements and border.
Content: text, images and audio-video, etc..
background-color: color is determined by the inner side of the border to fill all the spaces. If the border is dashed, if not solid background will be filled with the space between the two dash.

Please note the presentation given below box model – the two components have been used. For example:


. By pixel values of heading and paragraphs border, margin and padding chose neatly arranged. For example:

Box model found effective.

An example for practice:

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