CSS font-Properties


The font size of the text on the web page of the Properties is used to varied. The default font size is medium that is 16 points. In determining the value of the font size is provided. The absolute size and relative size of the other. The absolute certain size to provide the text of the document is used and the text size is consistent with the adjoining elements are used to determine the relative size.

Absolute Size:
For determining the value of the font size are as follows:
HTML tags such as

Font-size: Relative value.
When determining the value of the font size for: Pixel (px), percentage (%), em more than the other values, such as – in (inches), cm (centimeters), mm (millimeters), pc: picas, (1 pc = 12pt) and so on.
Em is used as the font size of the unit is very popular. To change the viewing mode of the browser area. Therefore, adjustment caused by the font should be used em to get benefits.

Declaration format:
The table below as well as some sample CSS declaration font size and output of the highlights:

Example: Absolute Size

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