CSS font-weight, font-style, font variant

Font Properties: font-weight
In the text of web pages used to reduce weight / increase the property is used. Property values of this is normal, bold, bolder, lighter.
Normal is the default value. Each pixel is determined by. The pixel range is 100 to 900. font-weight scale for registration can be used. The higher the number, the more fonts to be wet.

Πlowest weight of 100 px Pixel fonts. 400 px normal font (default) Dark look like. A little more than 500 px common fonts look darker. Setting a bit more light than 600 px Bold font size, font 700 px bold fonts look like. Bold font is a little more than 800 px depth will be created. 900 px the bold font.

Properties of this type for the CSS declaration:

Font Properties: font-style
Font style properties to change the style of the text on the web page. There are two types of value for the properties is used. For example – italic and oblique. This is the same style as the text provides the right light bending effects. Style properties of the default value is normal.
Heading, paragraph, and font style set that we can do for the body. CSS is for dikaresana –

Example: CSS font style.

Font Properties CSS: font-variant
using these properties are visible in the text and small cap. These properties are being used two types of normal value are set as the default, and the other small-caps, which display the text of all uppercase characters.

CSS declaration for the –


CSS font shorthand:

CSS is a declaration that you can convert several compressed declaration. However, in order to keep in mind is essential, otherwise declaration will not be applied.

The syntax is –

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