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In this lesson we will learn how to use CSS to change the values that are the fonts used on web pages. Using some of the font-face CSS properties we can modify fonts and font family of the group. font-face with some of the properties are as follows:

We can combine these properties. For example, typing the one hand, it’s time to be alive, and the style of our values can be easily read.

CSS topography:
Serif and Sans-Serif font difference between
Serif: Serif fonts in case of a stroke at the end of the main characters are some additional detail. Detail of the strokes is called Serif. Serif fonts are easier to read than printed on paper are considered.
Sans-Serif: Sans-Serif fonts in uniform and the straight edge of the width of a stroke. So these fonts looks quite tidy.

Font block is divided into two divisions for convenience. Namely Generic Family, Font Family
Generic Family: It is the sum of a set of fonts that homogenous shape. For example: Serif, Sans-Serif, Monospace, etc.
Font-family: This series is a group of fonts. Similar to the formal aspects of the fonts. For example: Times, Verdana, Arial, etc.

The table below generic font family and font-family include:

CSS font family property:
Font family typeface of the subject properties. Each operating system has its own font family. You can import or manually install fonts. It must be remembered that, depending on the operating system fonts are different; The browser is set to a variety of fonts. Therefore, you should use some common fonts. The common fonts are called web safe font. Serif and Sans-serif is that two common web safe fonts. You can also use custom fonts.

Font-group means that font family. CSS font-family properties is determined by the document’s text. If you need a font or font family name can be one of multiple fonts. However, the big advantage of multiple font named browser If you can not find a font next to the font search will appear on the webpage.

Font-family property contains the name of one of the multiple fonts. The name of each font, separated by commas in the declaration is set. The format for this declaration are:

Times New Roman is the Generic font. The name of the font for more than one word, because it has been kept inside of quotes, and the sans-serif font family name.

Example -1: Font-Family property.

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