CSS style connect in web pages.

CSS style sheet can be applied in web pages by using HTML Style elements.
There are three ways for it.
1. In-line CSS.
2. Internal or Embedded Styles.
3. External Styles.

In-line (attribute style):
Inline CSS style sheet selectors, style, property and value of this is consist of four parts. Look at the image below to understand the syntax.

You can use style attribute in a single element and in that element can put a lot of properties and values. Many of the properties for setting up put only separating them by semicolon.For examples. Inline styles can be applied with multiple elements such as heading, body and para etc. For examples:

Inline or only style between the lines used to apply a unique style for a single element.Inline styles should be avoided as much as possible,
If not, they have no embedded or externat style sheets to remove any files that are not needed very much.

Internal style sheet.
Internal style sheet is also called embedded style sheet. It is included in the main HTML or web document.Style sheet are inside the tag of

in a web page and style properties are listed between this tags. Style tag is written betweentags.

External style sheet
An external style sheet is a separate file which contain a number of style rules and where you can declare all the styles that you want to use on your website. At the end of the filename must be added dot css (.css) as an extension. Then CSS document is linked with one or more X-HTML documents. In this method, all the files in a Web site to share the same style sheet.It is a most powerful and preferred method to add a style sheet to any document or content.

For example: If you create a large site where the page will be about 4000-5000. In that case the external style sheets can be used.

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