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Punarakrti than the background is using CSS3 background properties. Multiple It is also used in the implementation of multiple background. Before the advent of CSS3’s background was not possible to re-size. There are two properties which mainly background fixing the background, background size, multiple background image, etc. are used.

CSS3 has something new background property, which is by the background element control more orderly manner.

Browser support:
1. Firefox 3.6 or earlier versions do not Background-origin property support. Background-size property support to the prefix-moz- of their needs.
2. new background properties safari4 services to support the needs of the prefix-webkit.
3. Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, Chrome, Safari 5 and Opera has new backgrounds support.

CSS3 background-size property
This property is determined by the size of the background image. Before CSS3, the background image size was determined by the size of the original image However, welfare has many benefits to determine the size of the background image and the background image can be used in various fields.
Image size can be in the form of% or px. % Of the height and width of the original image size if it is based on.
Background-size :

CSS3 Background-origin property:
Properties of this work is to determine the position of the background-image. Background image content-box, padding-box, or border-box area can be set up.

This property is used to determine the position of the background. The area will be displayed on the page background to set the background-origin.


CSS3 background-clip property
CSS3 background-clip property by the user to determine the background level of visibility.

The radius value in the first quarter ellipse horizontal radius of the vertical radius set and the second set of vertical quarter ellipse.
Set the border-radius for the top left corner. For each corner of the box you can set different value.

The potential values of the background-clip –
Example: Background-clip property.

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