CSS3 gradients

  1. By CSS3 gradient without using any kind of image in one color to another color to create smooth transitions and effects to create wonderful background.
  1. The advantage of using the gradients, it is easy to scale, color scheme can be changed, a download time or cost of bandwidth is not fully dynamic gradient is also using JavaScript.

Linear Gradient is the syntax of a property —

Table CSS Gradients (linear and radial) Properties:

  1. Who will take the right positive and negative values of the Shadow Shadow Who will be on the left.
  1. If it is positive, then the shadow will be value. The negatives would be under the Shadow.
  1. If the value is more obscure edges of the box, and the negative value is not valid.
  2. Shadow is spread on all sides by a positive value. The negative value to the collapse of shadow box.

The browser-specific CSS linear gradient organizations: the prefix

Supply of Linear Gradient
() Properties are made using the linear gradient. Argument of these is:

CSS radial gradients:

  1. CSS3 radial gradient to create a radial gradient () property is used.
    II. Starts at a specified radial gradient and then spread round way.

In any corner of the linear gradient:

  1. Angel determines the angle of the linear gradient angel that you can create.
  1. Angel the center of the box is made of gradient and the gradient on both sides of the center move. Value positive means clockwise and counter-clockwise means negative value.
  2. Or outside the range of 0-360 degrees in angle into the browser are automatically converted.


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