CSS3 mask

To create the images on the masking effect css3 mask is used.
1. This is the mask that is used to create the image on the overlay.
II. Alpha channels, including any images or gradient, can work as a mask. Element is always the alpha value is 0 (full transparent) or the 1 (full opaque) is.
3. When an image mask is applied, then that part of the Alpha value O (opaque) Inner image of full is transparent, The mask of the alpha value 1 (transplant) Inner image of the opaque.
0 (zero) and 1 case between the values of the effects are applied proportionately. The order of the lower level of the element is applicable to all the elements of the mask. The final effect of the mask in case of multiple mask is the sum of the individual effects.
Web pages using CSS3: The Mask
1. The first step in making the alpha channel mask with an image (.png and .svg format) is required. Which will be used as a mask.
II. The mask image URL is set as the value of CSS3 properties
Wapiti-mask-image properties of the elements by the native size of the mask is applied.
-wapiti-mask-box-image on the image of the mask is equal to the size of the cut is applied.
Example: Add a mask imposed another mask on.
Add a mask to mask another mask is placed on the effect of the overall shape of the individual will.

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