How can learn css link ?

what is css link?

Using HTML webpage link can be made, but a number of links to the state. The State values: link, visited, focus, and active use of the pseudo class is applied. Most browsers for unvisited links blue and purple color for visited links are used as the default color. Custom colors can be used, but the State of the difference must be visible to each other. Œ a link to the State in the form of lower –

: Link – it still has not visited is used to define the style of hyperlinks.
: Visited- visited is used to set the style of hyperlinks.
: Hover – decorate hyperlink away when the mouse is placed on.
: Active – Hyperlink style set by each user to click or select.
: Focus – Hyperlink Hyperlink style to determine when the mouse pointer is to focus on the element.

Example: horizontal navigation.
State underlined by the style of the link.

Created by CSS tooltip for the hyperlink
The tooltip may contain hyperlinks styling. When the mouse pointer over the link will be placed on the effects can be seen. You can create a tooltip for the image.

Example: target pseudo class
In this example, the first to practice a collection of images .jpg, .png, gif format to save Keep folder. Then, open Notepad and type the following codes to save in the same folder with the .html extension. Open the file saved in the bottom right you will see the results.

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