How to apply text effect on CSS3 ?

CSS3 text shadow on shadow is used to add text; Shadow a horizontal, vertical, blue distance can be determined in the form of shadows and colors and can be set. There are several new effect


X-offset is determined by the horizontal offset of Shadows, positive value and negative value means the shadow will be on the right side of the text means that the left side of the text shadow.

Y-offset is the vertical offset set by the shadows, positive value means that the text will be placed under the Shadow, and Shadow negative value means that there will be over.

Blur-radius is used to set. negative value is not valid (optional).
Color set is used to. If nothing is specified, then the default value will be black.

Browser support:
Internet explorer does not yet text shadow property support.
Firefox, chrome, Safari and Opera support this property.
All of that word-wrap property support.

An example given below are as follows:
Raised Text :
Examples CSS multiple text shadow- Raised Text:
Raised Text Effect, you’ll need to create the shape and color of which is light to dark. Shadows of the dark and the light is used for the text and for the rest of the text.
Examples: Multiple Text Shadow Letterpress:
The text, which has been stamped in the background effect to create a single element for multiple use text Shadow. It is called letter-press effect.
Four shades of color to this effect is required, for the text of the dark, for the light and shadow background for medium and dark.

Examples of multiple CSS Text Shadow Glowing Text:
Glowing Text Effect of Shadow can be used to create multiple text. The bright color with high blur-radius has been created by the glowing effect. However, if we use multiple text-shadow effect will be further intensified.

Examples CSS text shadow- Text Outline:
Generally, it is not possible to create outlines of text using CSS. CSS 3 text-outline properties have been omitted in the new specification. However, some non-standard version of the browser supports text-transform.
With text-shadow property, but you can create text-outline its effect.

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