HTML 5 and other forms input types:

HTML 5 forms the input of a new type of input by the user can enter. For example:

Measure per se, creates a number input. number spinner controls are visible by default, which can be increased or decreased.

Input range specified by the user interface than your slide into the input values You can adjust the value. Attributes input range is:
Max: The maximum value of the input.
Min: The minimum value of the input.
Step: Decrements contain elements of the increment.
Value: The current value.

Kygen :
Key-pair form is used to create the conditions. When the user press the submit button, the browser by the user’s private key the store or the local database key and the public key, the form data is sent to the server. The public and private SSL key able to communicate with the server without the browser.

One feature of the output element in the form element. The output element is used to create mathematical calculations performed and results. For example, loan payments, inventory reports, Taxation and other calculations can be named. Accounts of the webpage to appear in the input is completed.

Progress times:
As well as the current status of ongoing work at the end of a fixed or periodic or continuous progress instruction is used to display conditions. When downloading anything from the Internet or upload progress bar when we learn information about the progress of the ongoing work – it is through this element. HTML 5, JavaScript and some complex code before the job was done. With this element is basically four types of attributes are used, for example: Mex, value, position and label. The final dimensions of the task Mex In contrast to the overall value of the amount of work completed.
The syntax is:

My Internet is00 Mbps. My vehicle speed . The meter is used to perceive these elements. circumference, it is a particular value in showing where a scalar value range can be measured. It resembles elements of progress, though there are differences between them. If it is not known if this material can not be used ranges. This material can be used with the 6 types of attributes. These values, mean, Mex, height, and optimum low. Min and Mex and value by means and attribute indicates the current value. and the low height of the determined in the normal selection, which divide Bottom and high quality. All attributes except value optional.

File selection box:
Using the file input tag than the user’s computer to browse files on the remote computer or server can be uploaded. The input tag displays a browse button, browse to the file, which can be uploaded to the server as well.
Input element is determined by the input field. When you file for this element will determine the type attribute, which will then create a file selection box. Is the format:

The form lists the data elements that are used data list to keep them hidden. The full list of options is placed in the box and when the user double-kick from the input field is the option down. When the user does not know what the input box to fill, it is very effective in that case. For example, the automatic data box, type a name requirements can be selected from the list will appear.

A list of options is made in the selection of elements, from which no one option will be selected. It is an alternative to radio buttons or checkboxes. The attributes such as form value, labeling, etc. can be applied. However, all of these elements optional.

Select options:
list, select the elements and options to set the set the other elements of the list items. Make a list of drop-down list form can be designed with multiple options. From there you can choose one of the options. If the number of options in the drop-down list to select the options it quite helpful.
Option ‘Group menu:
Group Options “labels on the elements that are used in a variety of options for sharing space. This is one of the
n menu to create a sub-menu. Option Group, “the label can not be selected as options. Using the options also attributes the whole group disable i is ineffective. All these elements optional.

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