HTML form button.

What is button?
Button is used for sending from client stage filled all form to the server. There are three types of buttons. Type attribute is used to switch from one to another type button. You can change the value of the different mode of buttons can change.

Example :

Submit:  The submit button is used to submit input.
Reset:     All input field of form is reset by this value.
Button:  It does not indicate any specific use.

Submit button
Submit attribute helps you to create submit button which is used to submit of the form. Designed in the form of various information to submit the form can be created.
Notice the examples given below.

Reset button :
All the input field is brought back to the initial stat (When the page is loaded). There is no other attribute of the button.

Image button:
Using type =” image “ attribute in input attribute to add image in the submit button. This feature will make to your submit button attractive. However, if the image button is more, it can increase the load time of your web pages. Generally are Kept images a folder and save the codes in the same folder.If the mouse pointer are kept in google image displayed in the browser the pointer will contain the size of fingers.

Create image submit button :
Input field is determined by the Input element. When you will determine the image for type attributes of this element than the image submit button will create. Keep images a folder and save the codes in the same folder.

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