HTML table

Use of the table is very important to make web page attractive. Any number or data can be presented through the table easily.
With the help of the HTML table model, we can equip data in tebolara structure. Because of the horizontal rows and vertical columns are used.

A table is divided into several rows, and each row is divided into a variety of cell. Each table can have related caption, which provides a brief description of the purpose of the table.
Header information or data may have on the cells of the table.
There is a wide range of cells in multiple rows and columns.

Table tag is needed to create a table. Tags are the requirements to create a common table.
1. The environment is creation in web page making a table.

2. You can give heading or title in the table.
3 The row of the table is made.
4. Information is presented in the table cell.

Table layout structure are shown in the image below.

Table headers:
Table heading,Create separate model from another part of the table, As a result, You can get a full idea about the Topics presented in the colum and row.

th tag is necessary for this and format is

. In the middle of the tag

what should be written would be considered header.

Table caption
Caption understand the meaning of a title is added to the table, which is on the table.
The meaning of caption is added a title understand to the table, which is on the table generally.

To see the title of the table concept can be achieved at the moment about the content recorded in the table very easily.For this used tag is
and format is…

Between the tag
what will be written would be count as the title. By default, the title will be on the table of the left side.

If you would like to place the title on the table, between the table or at the right side of the table the format will be…

Caption bold, italic, underline that
if you want to caption bold, italic, underline that the format as follows :

If you want to Caption font color the format will be as below :

Table border :

By default,Any Border are not created in the table.
Border means that table as well as the across side of each cell to be bound by line.

For this, Border attribute is added with the starting tag of the table. How wide the border will depend on the value of the border attribute.
The format of the border attribute is..

Here 1 has been given the value of border.
The value of the higher the four side border of table will be as more wide. If value is Zero or -1 border will not be added.

Table size :
The table how much space it will occupy across the screen of web page horizontally and vertically for determining wide and hide attribute and as a value to use PX or percent.
Otherwise, the browser will display table according to his need. For this the format is …

According to percent or pixel the width of the table will be changed.

According to percent or pixel width parts of the header / height will be changed.

Here has been shown at 50 percent. This means that the window size with the change in according to the percent size of the table will change.

Suppose the window is 100 percent, then the table will be displayed across 50 percent of full screen.

Table formatting:
By default, the table is positioned along the left margin. It can be displayed in the middle or right side using the align attributes with the start tag of the table.
The format for this is as follows:

Table space :
vspace and hspace using the attribute table or the side of the space can be added to the content.
Four side of the table keep free space or content can be added using the vspace and hspace attribute.

Table background :
The background of the table can be divided into two.

For example, the table of background can be added to color and as background image can be added.

Using BG color attribute color can be added in a table or row and cell.
For this the name of color or color code is set with BG color attribute.

Cell spacing :
If you want to create distance between the cells, with the starting tag of the table is mentioned to cell spacing attribute and value (number). The higher of the value, the more distance will increase.
Coding format is ..
If value is 1 the distance of cells will increase amount of 1 pixel.

Example :

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