HTML5 Canvas Element.

The Canvas is an element relating to Graphical matters which is used using JavaScript.
Canvas element obsolete without writing JavaScript. If the attachment of this element then the users will not be suffer the extra trouble to use external plug- ins such as Photoshop and any other graphics software.
although there are not a lot of facilities to do. But svg is another element which is used in general or graphical work.
in the Safari Dashboard widgets for creating a

what can do it?
Canvas gives you a lot of advantages. Below is a list of what you can do:
Shape: Drawing the line, rectangle, path, curve.
Effects: Creating Radiant gradient.
To change tex and pixels.
Composition: alpha, composite operation.
Transformation: scale, rotate, Matrix, transformation etc
Image drawing:To load images and images encoded as canvas video elements and png.
In real life, the use of:
The canvas can be used in real life, they are:

Charts / Graphics;
Consider the choice of users to create images;
Like the color selector to create a user-friendly user interface applications;
Conversion of complex scenes;
Optimized image;
Special effects for text;
Drawing applications etc.
Canvas context object:
1. After the creation of canvas will need to draw of a context object by which to draw graphics on the canvas.
2. Canvas of the elements are arranged in such a way so that the two types of 2D and 3D drawings can be handled. At present, support is available only for 2 D context and 3-D context have initial step of the elements but, in the future it can be found easily at hand.
element is first introduced. You can drawing on this canvas by using JavaScript.



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