Basic Html Heading and hgroup tag.

    Heading tags are used in any part of the document to be published as a theme or title. It has six heading text. H1 is the large size of heading tags and H2 is the small size. At first, open the default software on your computer to understand the subject of heading tag practically. Then click start> notepad. When open the notepad and then you Read More

    Explain hypertext markup language brief history-html to html 5.

    The brief history of HTML Sir Timothy john Tim Berners Lee is the fathers of HTML as well as Hypertext markup and World Wide Web. He was a British computer scientist who worked in a physics laboratory Surn in Geneva of Switzerland. In March of 1989 he proposed to use Hypertext Link method for spreading Read More

    HTML full form |Explain Hypertext markup language.

    HTML full form is Hypertext markup language. It is a standard markup language that is used to make web document. HTML language has been created with some markup tag. (The code used in the HTML is called tag). The main structure of web page is made by HTML. There are some tags in HTML that Read More