CSS list-style-image property

CSS list-style-image property: Expansion of the list of beauty sometimes you may need to design a bullet. For a list of the properties of the images you can use as bullets. Just as the value of the property receives a URL, or none. The syntax is: Note: First you need to practice the examples given Read More

CSS properties list-style-position

CSS properties list-style-position: Maintaining a list box containing the list of relativity with these properties are used to determine the position of the marker. The value of this property is received – Sample coding syntax: Example 1: Example II: For example, the following markup inside and outside with the color of the list is shown. Read More

css list-style-type properties

Properties unordered list-style-type: This property is only disc, circle, square, and none receive this value as a marker into the list. The initial value of the property value disc. Format – Example 1: Example II: ordered list-style-type property: The Properties list value as a marker is received. For example: Decimal, including zero decimal value, lower-roman, Read More

CSS list property

CSS lists: HTML is very important in this list. For a list of other items on the menu and a lot more needed to be shown, and it is used. CSS can be designed in collaboration with the list. List Basically there are two types. Namely: 1. ordered list: List the item number and the Read More